The Technique of Pan Roasting

Pan roasting is the process of effectively using two different heat sources; the stove and temperature controlled oven to cook your protein. This technique is extremely effective in maximizing flavor, lowering cook time of thicker cuts of meat and creating a juicy final product. The first step in process begins with searing on the stove. Using a heavy bottomed pan is a key to getting quality results as it will retain heat, conduct heat evenly which aid in creating that wonderful crust associated with searing. Preheat, Preheat, Preheat. Your pan and oil need to be hot before you do anything. Look for the shimmering before placing the protein into the pan, but don’t allow the oil to smoke. Allow the crust to form and refrain from doing anything until the flip.

The first flip is where I transition into an already hot oven. Roasting in the oven provides even cooking and browning of the protein. If your making a steak you want an equal amount of crust on both sides and evenly cooked meat. Once out of the oven the fun begins. Place the pan back on the burners, add a knob of butter, some herbs and baste. Tilt the pan and take 90 seconds to spoon over the herbed butter to impart even more flavor. Flip halfway in. Transfer the protein to a cooling rack, ladle the butter over the top and let the juices redistribute. You’ve gone too far to screw up a piece of meat now by immediately cutting in. Let it rest.

Why its good to Pan Roast?

I find that you can apply pan roasted to a wide range of proteins with extremely repeatable and delicious results. Even cooking with meats is exactly what you want and this method can give you really good results. Each step of the process adds a ton of flavor to the dish. Skin results in being crispy and for items like chicken or fish this can greatly impact a final dish.

The Equipment Needed:

51qhxmowe8l-_sl1024_Do yourself a favor and go out and buy a cast-iron pan if you don’t own one. A good quality pan can be pretty inexpensive considering the fact that it will last a very long time in the kitchen. I recommend the cast iron pans made by Lodge. They are built really well and are just work horses in the kitchen.
Lodge LCS3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Chef’s Skillet, 10-inch

610brs6wbul-_sl1500_A really good set of tongs can be life savors in the kitchen.
The tongs made by Edlund are sturdy and well made. I’ve used many brands over the years and have found these to be the best.

Edlund Company 9-Inch Heavy Duty Tong with Lock


21h5leezh5lA fish spatula is another must to own. They are made with a thin, flexible edge lets it slide under fillets easily. It will make your life easier when cooking fish to be able to flip without an issue or fear of damaging.

Winco FST-6 6.5-Inch Blade Fish Spatula