Clio – Bodegas El Nido

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Clio – Bodegas El Nido

There is something supremely comforting and delicious about Spanish Wine. Maybe it’s a prejudice I have within myself, but I tend to find myself selecting wines from Spain over any other region while dining out. At first I couldn’t pin point exactly why. Was it the the grapes, fruit forward notes or perhaps the nose? I think the only thing conclusion I draw, stems from my first visit to Quintessa in Napa Valley, 10 years ago during harvest. The smell of the grapes, and fermentation process just inthralled me. That sweet, unmistakable smell from the grapes was intoxicating and utterly addicting. Right there and then I caught the wine bug.


Quintessa during harvest season. The Trip that started my passion of wine.

People are drawn to wine for various reasons, that smell of the wine in the glass before taking that first sip is what hooks me. Spanish wines and the ones I love in particular have a nose that exudes every characteristic of that experience. Bodegas El Nido from outside of Jumila, Spain make some of my favorite wines. Although, someone who’s name I won’t mention…. cough….. Russ, recently drank my last bottle of El Nido preventing me from enjoying it’s greatness, we recently had several bottles of the 2013 Clio.


Bodegas El Nido Jumilla, Spain

Bodegas El Nido

The wines of El Nido are fabulous. Located just outside of Jumilla, in the Valley of the Aragona, the small vineyard began in 2001 as a partnership between the Gil Family and Chris Rhineland of Bodegas Alto Moncayo and North Barossa Vintners. Likewise the wine is therefore directly blended of New and Old World styles. Although a relatively newer vineyard the grapes grown consist of 32 hectares of Monastrell variety with mixed old vines, 12 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon vines, and 1.8 acres of Syrah. The soil is course limestone with a top layer of stone, spanning over an elevation around 800m above sea level.

El Nido produces three different wines: El Nido, Clio and Corteo.


El Nido is roughly 70% old vines hand selected Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and 30% Monastrell. Aged 24 months in a mixture of new French and American oak barrels.



Clio is roughly 70% Monastrell, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and aged for 22-24 months in new French and American Oak.



Corteo is 100% Syrah and aged 30 months in new French Oak.

The Monastrell Grape

Monastrell Vines

Monastrell Vines

Review of Clio – 2013

Without a doubt my go to bottle of wine for under $40 is Clio. It’s an overall wonderfully drinking wine straight from the bottle and even better decanted for an hr or 2 before drinking. Either way the drinking experience is equally enjoyable. The color of the wine is deep dark purple and concentrated. The nose is just immaculate and as they say “expressive”. It screams blueberry and dark ripe blackberry.

The palate is wonderfully balanced between acidity, tannin, sweetness and alcohol. It’s upfront with black fruit (blackberry, cherry, plum), espresso, chocolate, mineral, oak and a hint of pepper. It’s just a wonderful mix of sweeter new world style fruit and savory old world notes. The finish is silky smooth and just doesn’t end. The Monastrell grape is the star of the show here.

Outstanding value for the price. The look, smell and taste of this wine you would think it would be four times the price easily. Pick up a bottle of the 2013 vintage or a case. 9/10Clio

Drop a comment if you have any other killer wines you recommend or great values $50 and under.


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