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Cubano Sandwich

Cubano Sandwich

I don’t know if I made Roasted Cuban Pork yesterday for the tacos or for the leftovers today used in the Cubano sandwich. Either way I found them equally satisfying.

soft baguette split lengthwise

mojo roasted pork (thinly sliced with drippings)

ham (thinly sliced)

softened butter

yellow mustard

swiss cheese (thinly sliced)

dill pickles (thinly sliced)

Making the Cubano Sandwich

Preheat a heat a large cast-iron pan or panini press if you have one. Add the ham slices to the pan to heat through ~ 1 minute. Transfer the ham to a plate then add the roasted pork to heat through ~ 1 minute. CS1Lather the baguette with butter on the cut side and toast until golden brown ~ 2 minutes. Transfer to a cutting board to assemble the sandwich. Smear cut sides with mustard, then layer the ham, pork, swiss and pickles on the baguette and close the sandwich.Cuban Sandwich AssemblyBrush the outside of the sandwich with butter place on the cast-iron pan. Cuban Sandwich PressedPlace another cast-iron pan or pan with a weight on top the sandwich to press it.CSpress Cook over medium heat ~ 3 minutes a side. Slice and enjoy!Cuban Sandwich Fliped