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Clio – Bodegas El Nido

Clio Decanted

Clio – Bodegas El Nido There is something supremely comforting and delicious about Spanish Wine. Maybe it’s a prejudice I have within myself, but I tend to find myself selecting wines from Spain over any other region while dining out. At first I couldn’t pin point exactly why. Was it the the grapes, fruit forward […]

The Wines of Burgundy


Burgundy Burgundy region of France has been producing wine since 200 AD. Unlike the other regions of France, they are obsessed with terroir to the degree that vineyards are fragmented into small parcels of land. Each of the hundreds of regions is classified as different appellations based on variances in climate, geology and geography. The ultimate […]

Spanish Cava


I’ll be the first to admit I was never the biggest fan of Cava. Its always had a bad rap attached to it as being a dirt cheap, low quality, nonvintage version of French Champagne.  There is some truth to some of those opinions, and mainly because a lot our exposure to Cava in the States comes from […]