I love mussels and became addicted to eating them as a child. They are very quick to cook, highly affordable and delicious with any sauce. They pair really well with tomato with just a bit of spice from fresh chili peppers.

2 pounds mussels (cleaned)

4 cloves garlic (finely sliced)

1 leek (1/8 inch dice)

1 serrano chili (seeds removed and sliced)

1 glass white wine

1/2 cup of crushed tomato

4 tbs olive oil

1/3 cup orzo pasta

some bread for dunking

Clean the mussels extremely well and set aside. Slice the garlic, leeks, serrano and crush the tomato. Preheat a large sauce pan over medium-high, add 2 tbs of olive oil, 1/2 the garlic and the leek. Sweat for ~5 minutes then add the mussels. Sauté for a minute then pour in the wine. Cover and let them cook until the mussels have opened.Mussels 1Mussels 2Remove the mussels, and pour the sauce through a strainer into another sauce pan. Reduce the liquid by 1/3 then set aside. Pick the meat from the mussels and toss the shells.MstrainIn a medium sauce pan over medium-high heat add 2 tbs of olive oil, garlic and serrano peppers. Sauté  until aromatic then add the tomatoes. Cook for ~3 minutes and add the mussel cooking liquid then reduce to low.MsauceCook the orzo in separate pot of boiling water. When the sauce has reduced and the pasta is done cooking add the orzo and mussels. Take off the heat, toss and serve immediately.Msauce2Mclose